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V-Twin Motors

We begin with a new pair of STD Panhead heads.

These are the Shovel type, with the 3 bolt exhaust flange and dual plugs.

We specify Kibblewhite Black Diamond valves.

Head assembly begins whith installation of Rowe or Kibblewhite Ampco 45 inlet and exhaust valve guides.

These are pressed into place, no hammering here.

A correctly fitting valve seat mandrel assures centering the guide into the guide hole.

The finished guide installation, with no marks or deformation on the guide top.

With the guide properly in place and centered, we can proceed with cutting a 3 angle valve seat, using the Neway seat cutting system.

The finished three angle seat, with correctly sized and honed valve guides.

The guides are cut down for valve stem seals.

Spring height is measured for adjusting spring tension,
and checking coil bind.

Springs are tested for shimming to match pressure.

Viton valve guide seals are installed.

New aftermarket panhead rockers and lower rocker blocks are used with rebuilt OEM bronze rocker block uppers.

The final assembly is honed to a final fit with .002-.003" oil clearance.

For the bottom end, we begin with new S&S Shovelhead cases, and a Truett & Osborn "TorqueMonster" 4 1/4" stroke balanced assembly...

... and the T&O assembly uses Sifton H-beam rods...

...and a Jims pinion.

James metal base gaskets are tested for fit.